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This example is a website promo reel for Ride & Seek, a bicycle tours specialist, shot crossing the Alps from France into Italy.

Many companies request reels such as this, essentially an advert for the company, its services and its competency; which will usually sit on the front-page of their website.

Length should be from 1 to 4 minutes, anything over that will most-likely lose a viewer’s attention. In this case it’s on the longer side, so we also did a 1 minute version:

Content will often feature the company in its daily operation, with explanation coming via either interviews, voice-over or as written titles / text.


(Ex-Pro’s vs Maidstone United & SEFA – football match in aid of Demelza House, Teens Unite and The Heart of Kent Hospice.)

A company will often organise an event or function to promote goodwill in the community, or as a team morale-booster.

Instead of letting that goodwill ebb away with the final whistle, it’s a prudent idea to record, re-live, and continue to build from the event… with a little added zest from the edit, and sparkle from the music (in this case courtesy of champion composer, Jack Phillips at AudioBox


Sometimes it’s not just the company that you need to promote, but a new product.

Here we showcase the new soccer coaching app, MySoccerCoach, using a good deal of visual effects and voice over to explain what the product can do for you.

In this case it’s software, but it could just as easily be a sofa-bed, kitchen appliance, beauty product, construction equipment, etc.

These videos can either advertise the product (as in this case) or act as an instructional video or customer’s how-to guide.


In the above video kids are being trained, but it could just as easily be staff. Content to consider might be a new procedure, product or concept.

This clip is just 1 of a massive project of 60 x 4 minute training sessions for the MySoccerCoach app:

The app provides a comprehensive coaches’ training tool for kids aged 7-16, covering all areas of goal-keeping, defence, attack, and general fitness (SAQ).

Each session features a simple graphic at the start, and some with more intricate graphics to explain field positioning and movement.

SEFA coaches vs Pro’s in aid of Demelza House, 2012


3rd update in the series of 10.

Here we have a two camera set-up, conducted in a penthouse suite in Baltimore Wharf, London Docklands.


Many types of businesses need to keep a finger on the pulse of their market, and need to actively demonstrate this to clients. Adding a series of videos to a website shows a depth of knowledge, ongoing commitment, and gains credibility and trust.

In this case we are producing a series of 10+ real-estate market updates for a London Docklands estate agency, with other offices and interests in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

This second instalment is a two camera, double interview set-up, conducted on the roof terrace of a penthouse suite in New Providence Wharf, London, featuring exteriors and general vision of the local area.


The 1st in a series of 10 real-estate market updates for a London estate agents.

The piece features an indoor sit-down, two camera interview set-up, conducted in Bridge House near Canary Wharf, London, with exteriors and general vision of the local area.

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Late last summer I covered a week’s events on the Ride & Seek cycle tour through Europe on the trail of the Roman general, Hannibal.

The stage I had the pleasure of began in the French Alps, crossed them Alps into Italy, then descended at quite a rate into Italy as the countryside became more lush and the classic Italian vineyards materialized, and we made our way into Emilia Romagna, and ending for me near Milan.


One of the first things that hit me appart from the cold morning in Les Chalps, “the View” apparently – and there’s more than one of these about, trust me, we tried another one first – was altitiude sickness. I had a trerrible headache I couldn’t shift and felt exhausted, going straight up to 3000m is not easy for those of us without the red blood cell count of an athlete.


First things first, I’d say have a chat with the group beforehand, set them at ease that you do not want to ruin their experience, you are on their side, let them know who you are, tell them roughly the shots you intend to get, and tell them ever so nicely not to look into the camera and wave every time they see it! That’s the temptation, but we’re not shooting a holiday video, we want to see real emotions, and yes if they’re in pain, show it, but don’t worry we’re not about to stitch them up and make them look like a bunch of wimps.


Types of Shot

There were two distinct types of shots, make that three. Maybe four then. The extra two are your standard GVS and the cyclists enjoying lunch or coffee or some Euro-style hospitality, eating, sipping, smiling, nice food etc. So there are two ways to get to grips with our cycling subjects: out of the van window, or from the side of the road.

My main recommendation is get a dedicated car / bike / van to shoot from. I used the support vehicle, so I did at least have a driver, but you need the ability to go back and forth, jumping ahead of the pack, and stopping and starting, setting up on the edge of the road. The support vehicle is so tied to the needs of the cyclists, that your wishes will always be frustrated.

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Next time… The Noble Art of Shooting Out of the Car Window: