Thoughtful and creative video production that offers:

  • Documentary TV standards
  • Fast turnaround
  • An understanding of your business

We offer engaging filmmaking. To build customer trust. To increase your sales.


Advertise your company or product with a broad range of professional, innovative filming and editing techniques to inspire and captivate your audience.
We listen to your objectives, absorb who your company is and create videos to bring your ideas to life.

Social Media

Short form, bite-sized videos to feed hungry Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.
Here more than anywhere your films have to stand out from the crowd.
And as one video won't cut it - we'll produce a handful at a time, often in conjunction with other pieces.


Maintain the marketing momentum of your live event long after the day itself.

Conferences, training days, product launches, openings or awards ceremonies.

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Do you need to provide people the opportunity to tour your premises without actually visiting?

Efficiently inform about and convey the atmosphere of your workspace and facilities.

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Drone Videos

Do you have an area to showcase with stunning yet cost effective 4k aerial videography?

We are professionally licensed by the CAA (Operational Authorisation, GVC, TQUK, A2 CofC), & BMFA membership.

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Sparking an interest in your business to build your community... & our future

We’re a creative video production company in Hampshire. Our goal is to communicate your inspiration, and use that to build connections with like minded people.

Your business is our business. But we’re not just interested in working with companies, we’re interested in improving our community, and how we can work to do so as sustainably as possible.

Where We Began

SuperReel Productions was founded in 2012 by award winning editor Julian Arriens as an opportunity to use his TV production skills in an area they can truly benefit: the local business community.

With a love for working with our clients, both behind the camera and in the edit suite, Julian continues to have a high level of personal input on all our projects.

Christine Arriens, a Chartered Accountant, joined SuperReel in 2013 and brought with her 20+ years of corporate experience and business knowledge. Christine works to understand and support our client strategies in order to deliver great video content, to achieve the best results for them.

What We Offer

There are a million ways to tell a story.. but it’s our business is to find the right one for you. Well OK, one of the top ten!

At SuperReel, we’ve a 20+ year pedigree in documentary editing, and a forte for producing interview-lead video content – from profile pieces, to promotional films, to testimonials.

We aim to create films that are unique, genuine and memorable, taking time to understand you and your objectives, and to partner with you.

But we are not just passionate about working with and for our community… we want to help keep it around for our grandchildren!

So let’s generate some outstanding content, efficiently. Inspire connections with you, creatively. And create a genuine impact on your clients, on your business, and try and leave the world in an ever so slightly better place than where we found it.


Brighton Marina 2

SuperReel Showreel

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Why Use Video 2019-1-1

SuperReel Showreel – Why Use Video?

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How Our Video Can Make a World of Difference to You

Our Process

Our Work

Universal -2

Universal Filling Machine Co. Advertisement Reel

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IVe promotional film 4

IVe Promotional Film

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Brighton Marina 6

Brighton Marina SUMMER Full

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VWO Leadstream testimonial 2

VWO Leadstream testimonial

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Benenden Knee

Benenden Hospital – Knee Replacement – Physiotherapy

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KUDOS Primal Roots-2

Kent Sport KUDOS Awards – Winner: Primal Roots

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Benenden Opening

Benenden Grand Opening

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Ride and Seek 1 min wonder

Ride & Seek – 1 Minute Wonder

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