Before we quote for or create a new video we ensure to ask the questions which you will find below. We want to know if are there any hidden costs we haven’t considered, a major issue to avoid in the business! The other reason is to ensure is that we are both working hard, yet on the same path to create exactly the same end product.

Answering these will give invaluable information to any production company. Certainly try and include this information if your marketing department is preparing a brief for tender, or if you are making a less formal approach via email or phone then consider and chat these details through. Conversely, if you are actually the one producing the new corporate film, then these should definitely form a part of your pre-production process.

Now, before we launch into these if you know you need video but firstly need some guidance on what might generally suit your needs best, then see the blog post below:


Or if you are concerned about budget and want to get a good idea of how to limit costs to fit it, then see our blog post below:


1. Who will be watching the video?

Are we trying to convince anyone of anything? Who might that be? And what that might be.
Maybe, and most likely the film will be aimed at potential customers. Though it could be for new employees, such as with with this internal video for Fruit Packing warehouse, which we created for a Dartford based recruitment company.

or for patients, such as with the Benenden Hospital

Maybe the audience is shareholders who need to be assured that money is being spent in the right way.

We want to know what tone to set, if there is a call to action to end on or thread through the piece, and also work out the appropriate duration of the piece. If investors, or patients are the viewers, then it can and should be longer and more involved. Investors or existing customers will be there for a reason, to watch this film, and will require more information than your regular browser.

2. What is the purpose of the video?

This goes hand in hand with the above comment. The purpose may be to sell a product or service, such as loft insulation – just one of many services provided by Viridian Energy:

Provide information on a product, instructions, or in the case of a live event to consolidate the goodwill within your team (see the Benenden Grand Opening below)

or to continue the sales exercise with customers, reach and inform customers who did not attend, or maybe convince people to attend the next event.

Ultimately, we need to know whether this is a sales tool, an instructional tool, or to generate goodwill. These factors will determine length and determine price.

3. What do you want people to do when they finish viewing the video?

Do you want people to buy a particular product online? Give you a call or send an email? Is there a call to action to include? Or maybe we are imparting information so they don’t call!

This helps set the tone, and most importantly gives us a purpose, for which we can keep coming back throughout the piece.

For example, we have produced a few project profile pieces for Kent Sport’s KUDOS Awards, which reward sporting projects doing good work within the community. The purpose of these might be to get people to vote for the nominee in question at the ceremony itself, which is a very short-term goal, but still a goal. Then they might want to generate interest in that particular program, which is long-term but small-scale. And crucially the long-term, large-scale agenda is to also provide enough technical information to inspire and educate those with the potential to replicate the idea in new areas of the county or country. The example below is for Primal Roots, the first winner back in 2017. This group organise physical activities in an inspiring outdoor environment primarily for those recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, mental issues and those who have been homeless.

4. What do you want people to remember about the video?

What are you known for? What is your ethos? Do you have the most skilled people, are they the most approachable and customer focused? Do you offer a special service that few others have mastered? Boil this down and we can ensure to hit those targets.
For example, we produced a piece for Knots Hairdressing in Deal, in which they had three major points to ‘highlight’
• The seaside location meant a visit could be combined with a fun day out, attracting customers from a catchment as far as London, via the high speed train.
• The customer service was second to none. The little touches and attention detail meant clients felt relaxed and totally at home.
• The range of products specifically featured a show-piece ‘Brazilian Blow Dry’: a high-end treatment that set them apart as hairdressers.

(In addition to this we did edit a 1 minute version.)

5. How are you going to distribute the video?

Will it be on your website, via social media, or using both?
This determines the length of the piece or pieces, and that is a huge factor in editing costs. The longer the piece, the longer the edit, and for a one day shoot an edit is normally between 1-3 days.

A social media stream is mute by default, so the use of lots of text or ‘burnt-in’ (or ‘open’) captions for speech is advisable in that context.
Importantly cost-wise – are you going to need anything on DVD? Not such a ‘burning’ question these days, but not one to be assumed as ‘no’. Designing artwork and menus, and buying the physical media is a considerable extra expense. But then circumventing this medium probably sums up why video has boomed on the internet.

In short, and I have always wanted to use this one ‘fail to prepare, and prepare to fail’! Firstly make sure you know what type of video suits you best; be aware of the factors affecting cost, and maybe it’s an idea to produce shorter videos such as testimonials, a time-lapse or a drone piece when you start creating content; then ask yourself these questions, and you’ll be a long way to covering all your bases to help get exactly the right video produced for you and your company.

If you have any questions or feedback, or if there’s anything you feel I have missed or would be useful to the list, do let me know. Or if you want to get in touch for a quote for video production, feel free to get in touch.