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COVID-19: Guidance for Crew and Clients

Each project currently takes into account the following practices and policies to protect both you and ourselves, and to stop the spread of Coronavirus.


  • Filming should take place outdoors where possible
  • When filming outdoors in not possible, indoor locations should be well ventilated
  • All productions should adhere to strict social distancing and good hygiene practices
  • Employ a minimum number of people needed to carry out work tasks safely
  • Physically arrange work areas to keep people 2m apart
  • Avoid people working face to face where possible
  • Crew should travel to and from work alone in order to maintain social distancing
  • Provide handwashing facilities or sanitiser for all crew at entry and exit points.
  • People should be able to wash their hands when they get to work and when they leave.
  • Hand sanitiser should be available throughout the day
  • Keep non-work critical items in the workspace to a minimum.


Work Equipment

Work equipment is key to production from cameras and headsets to lights. Good hygiene and managing potential issues with touch-points should be addressed

Where possible, people should have dedicated work equipment.

  • Wipe down equipment and shared workspaces at the beginning and end of a shoot and if equipment is passed between users.
  • Antibacterial wipes will be made available on the shoot.
  • Where radio mics are required, they will be cleaned 48 hours prior to issue and provided to the user in a zip bag along with instructions on how the presenter/contributor can fit the mic themselves. Equipment should be cleaned on return.


Health and Wellbeing

  • When filming indoors appropriate PPE should be worn to protect crew and clients. Masks and hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Use outdoor areas for breaks where possible
  • Consider appropriate provision and supply of food/beverages to adhere to social distancing requirements and minimising the need to pass items directly from person to person.
  • Crew should be aware of the latest advice for reducing the spread of infection and what to do if someone is ill:  



Last updated – 1st January 2021