Promotional Video

Most clients will require this video at some point, it’s the most popular service, and usually it’s the best place to start when creating videos for your company.

Essentially we’re producing an advert for the company, its services and its competency; which will usually sit on the front-page of your website. Here’s one we did for Knots Hairdressing in Deal, Kent:

Length should be from 1 to 3 minutes tops, anything over that is in danger of losing a viewer’s attention. In the case of Ride & Seek Cycle Tours they simply decided to do a long version:

and a 1 minute version:

Content will often feature the company in its daily operation, with explanation coming via either interviews, voice-over or as written titles / text.

And sometimes it’s not just the company that you need to promote…but a new product.

Here we showcase the new soccer coaching app, MySoccerCoach, using a good deal of visual effects and voice over to explain what the product can do for the potential customer.

In this case it’s software, but it could anything, from sofa-beds to saunas, from kitchen appliances to construction equipment.