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Animated video production covers a broad range of subjects. It is probably most often seen in the cartoon style ‘explainer’ videos, but also can add visual effects with moving text and graphics – maybe to give a company a scientific or techy edge, or to become more visually engaging.

An animated piece can even add a sense of humour or help connect to the audience, potentially to the younger generation, or help dispel a company’s ‘corporate’ less approachable image.

Animated video production can be useful for companies that either deal with complex or abstract concepts and need to help customers visualise the service, for example insurance.

Or the business may not have a proper, premises or physical product which to film, for example online trading companies or those with a virtual office.

Animation or visual effects, can be used to annotate video which we shoot, highlighting sections, moving text over the image in an eye-catching way, adding light, and giving a film that lift to the next level.

Finally, it can be used to intercut with video. So some trickier sections of a film may need to be explained using animation / graphics, whilst the rest can be filmed and visually demonstrated.

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  • 3D & 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics & Animated Text
  • Compositing

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