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Do you need to get across a company concept, a product concept, procedures or how your organisation operates? Or do you want to save loads of time presenting the same thing again and again, and ensure only the correct information is delivered?

SuperReel has extensive experience in the explainer corporate video category, and can offer a range of solutions.

An explainer is best known for use in Software as a Service (SAAS), and animated films can work very well in this case, and are a staple of the explainer film stable.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Live action is equally as common for us, and we can make it simple and compelling. You might be explaining a physical product, or what a client can expect when dealing with you, and there’s a whole host of other tools at our disposal.

What we can do

  • Voice-over lead concept delivery
  • Presenter lead demonstrations
  • Use of agency models or staff within demonstrations
  • On-screen text to explain and highlight important points and concepts
  • Full (or partial) graphics and animation for SAAS films
  • In-house studio facilities for product shots and presentations

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