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Are you looking to leverage the power of video to achieve your marketing goals and drive tangible results? Don’t miss our engaging workshop on Thursday 28th September at Southampton Science Park, exclusively focused on video messaging and storytelling to propel your business forward whilst aligning with marketing objectives.

Leading the charge is Julian Arriens, a true TV professional with over two decades of expertise. This is a chance to tap into Julian’s mastery in captivating viewers amidst the cutthroat competition of diverse TV channels. Gain an understanding of how these skills seamlessly transfer to the corporate video world, ensuring your target audience not only remains captivated but also wholeheartedly embraces your brand message.

Join us to unlock invaluable insights and learn practical techniques from Julian and the team ensuring your video campaigns leave a profound and lasting impact whilst meeting your all-important marketing objectives.

Why Attend?

  • Harness the Potential of Video: Uncover a diverse range of real-world examples showcasing successful video campaigns across industries and platforms. Learn how videos effectively achieve common marketing goals and business objectives.
  • Compelling Storytelling: Understand the art of storytelling through videos, creating emotional connections with your audience and maximising the impact of your message – learning from the world of competitive TV.
  • Crafting Engaging Briefs: Acquire practical techniques for developing a brief that aligns goals, messaging, storytelling, script, and video techniques.
  • Networking and Innovation: Connect with like-minded marketing professionals from the Science Park, share experiences, and exchange ideas to foster innovation in video usage.
  • Personalised Guidance: Benefit from a Q&A session with our experts and make use of an optional drop-in clinic from 11am for personal advice on your specific video projects.

Additionally, we will have a camera and lights set up during the workshop, allowing you to get first-hand experience and a glimpse of what goes into creating exceptional video content.

Meet Your Hosts:


With an impressive background in TV (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, National Geographic, Discovery) and advertising, along with a BSc in Marine Biology and 3 years’ experience with a major US electronics manufacturer, Julian brings a diverse skill set to the corporate sphere. His expertise in captivating audiences from the competitive TV landscape is now skillfully applied to create engaging corporate videos. Julian ensures your audience stays enthralled and walks away with the messages you want to convey.


Bringing her Chartered Accountancy skills to the business, Christine began her career at EY in London and went on to develop a keen interest in business analysis, corporate projects, and events management at Reuters and National Australia Bank, among others. Christine partners with clients to listen and understand their business objectives. Together with Julian, she transforms these objectives into exceptional videos that resonate with your customers.

Together, Julian and Christine make a dynamic team that blends TV, advertising, storytelling, and business and science insights to help businesses like yours harness the true potential of video messaging for success.

See You There

All our Video Event days are regularly held in multiple locations and business centres across Hampshire. We hope to see you soon.

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The University of Southampton Science Park

Chilworth, SO16 7NP

November 23rd 2023

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What to expect

  • Discover Compelling Storytelling Insights
  • Meet Our Team
  • See the Process
  • Discuss How Video Can Work For You & Fit Into Your Marketing Plan
  • Discover The Best Videos Options For You
  • Acquire Practical Techniques for Crafting Engaging Briefs
  • Network with Like Minded Individuals

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