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SuperReel: A specialist Science, Technology and Innovation video production company.

All our experience and strengths fit into this category, it’s where we feel we can truly offer a premium service to make your organisation or product shine, and where most of our experience lies.

Producing these films takes a skill over and above making regular promotional material. A video production company needs to understand your concept thoroughly, and be able to distil the core elements to create a punchy, engaging film. We need to retain the logic of what makes you tick, build trust in you and your ethos, whilst adding flair and a ‘wow’ factor to truly engage your viewership.

Then there’s the language: we deeply understand the difference between talking to investors, B2C or B2B. It feeds a level of detail, what statistics might need to be presented, if we use a presenter, interview or voice-over, or what type of graphics and animation might be required.


Our History

Our founder Julian has had a foot in the science and tech camp ever since he had the choice at school. After graduating with a 2i science degree from Newcastle University, he spent 3 years working for leading US electronics manufacturer, Lutron before making the leap to the edit suite.

A TV career saw 3 formative years at Discovery science stalwort, MythBusters, which lead to a comprehensive science and engineering catalogue for the likes of Discovery, National Geographic, the BBC and Channel 4 over many years.

What we can do

  • Studio for product shots or interviews
  • Macro product close-ups
  • In depth pre-production: Interview questions or voice-over scripts
  • Beautifully shot interviews
  • First-class product shots
  • Drone footage

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