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Advertise your company, event or product, maintain brand awareness, communicate a new business direction or strategy. 

Gaining and maintaining the browser’s attention on social media is a bit of battle field. Videos need to be short, punchy, unique, and every bit as hard-hitting as their web-based cousins.

But unlike the web, Social Media demands a constant stream of new content. Yesterday’s Tweets are like yesterday’s papers… Content needs to refreshed regularly, and more than one piece is recommended at a time.

So when we produce these ‘short-form’ pieces we have to provide high value for money. Instead of a shoot producing one longer film, it might produce 8 short films, maybe released in pairs over a month. The use of the drone and testimonial interviews also offers the opportunity to produce an easily shot, eye catching, and short duration piece.

To convey your message we will either use on-screen text only, or otherwise subtitle each video, as social media feeds are consistently set to mute.

What we can do

  • Edit multiple short videos on one shoot day
  • Testimonials & Business Updates
  • Drone video
  • Animation
  • Live event marketing

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