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Many business require site tours for prospective clients, customers, patients or parents, yet in today’s world it has become either an impossibility or highly restricted.

There are the alternatives of 360° photography, or interactive html pages using that and video, though they are not always appropriate due to cost and ease of use.

A 1 or 2 minute video tour is incredibly easy to produce, and just really cost effective. It’s quick to shoot, and quick to edit, and can be highly engaging, fun and most importantly packed with information about the place and will convey an atmosphere when photos for example cannot.

We either mic up an employee to show us round, or simply tour with the camera on a gimbal, and can then highlight points and places of interest with text on screen in the edit. Add some quick drone shots at the start and end, and you’ve got a very nice little film.

What we can do

  • Tour With a Gimbal Stabilised Camera
  • Present or Host with a Radio mic
  • Drone / Aerial Video
  • On-Screen Text for Stat's & Information

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