Video educates your audience, allows you to reach them and builds trust and engagement on social channels. But how much are video production costs and how much should you budget for video content?

Like every business, every promotional video is unique, and therefore no two video projects will cost the same. In this blog I’m going to show you what to expect in terms of video production prices from our company in Hampshire, UK.

At SuperReel we work with you to clarify the exact details of your project, provide ideas around how we can engage your audience with video, and provide a realistic quote of video production costs.

We will discuss different production options with you and their rates/benefits/suitability so you can judge whether additional cost is appropriate to meet your objectives for the video. By managing choices at each stage of production process the video cost can, in turn, be managed.

How many videos do you need?

In order to meet marketing plan objectives our clients often request a number of social media videos in addition to the main film/films being produced.

A greater number of videos will increase editing cost but is also a very effective way of getting the most value from a shoot day.

See our blog – How many videos from one shoot day?


Video production costs explained

The top 5 cost areas

After considering how many films are required for your marketing campaign, project or event, the elements of video production cost are closely related to the video production process: –

  1. The number and length of films required for your campaign/project
  2. Video Pre-production – Scripting and planning
  3. Video Production – The number of filming days – equipment, crew & location costs
  4. Video Post-Production – Editing days, plus music, animation, stock footage & graphics
  5. Additional contributors – Presenters, interviewees, models & voiceover artist rates and prices

Video Production Cost Factors & Production Stages

Different costs are associated with each stage of video production. A summary of the phases and associated costs in each stage are below. See our blog for further detail and discussion of the phases What are the stages of video production?


The first stage of any project is meeting with us to discuss and determine what you want to achieve from the project. This is where we build a picture of your objectives for the video and plan how it will be achieved.

We can provide ideas and techniques on how to communicate your ideas in the most efficient and impactful way, and come up with a concept, theme, and feel for the piece.

Our service includes…

  • Getting a script or storyboard together which you will need to sign off/approve.
  • Organising dates for production and planning the shoot day.
  • Booking the right crew, contributors and locations.

Pre-Production Cost factors…

  • Number of locations, crew, contributors, interviewees, filming permits and permissions to organise
  • Scripting and storyboarding complexity and time

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Video Production

Production is the physical shoot, which means filming the footage to create the final video. It could last a day, it could last a week, and can involve a variety of professional crew who we will manage and work with on the shoot. Whilst based in Hampshire, we are happy to travel to Dorset, Devon, Sussex, London and further afield in the UK.

Our videos often involve interviews with staff members or company directors. There are a wide range of options when it comes to the production phase, and the main cost factors are listed below.

Production Cost factors…

  • The number and type of crew with different rates – Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Camera Assistant, Model, Make-up artist, Presenter.
  • Interviewing employees and customers can keep the cost down and will create authentic engaging content.
  • Location – Studio, Outside location, Office, Private property & Private venue prices. At SuperReel, we have a studio in Hampshire, UK which can be used for product shots and interviews
  • Equipment – At SuperReel, we use a range of cameras to get a wide variety of shots during each shoot, including tripod, handheld, gimbal, slider and drone where appropriate. Interviews are shot with more than one camera to ensure the best edited video. If a shoot is more than one day, simplifying the number of shot alternatives can bring time and costs down.
  • Filming permits – Film on your own property, filming off the shoulder where a permit is required for tripod shoots, free and costly filming options with varying prices.


Video Production Company Hampshire Editing 600



Here we turn the ideas of pre-production and the hard work of production into a final product. Music will be chosen, graphics can be added, and any voice-over will need to be recorded professionally by your selected artist. This part always takes the most time, and if it doesn’t, you’re not producing the best quality final product! Be aware that good editing is time consuming and has a huge affect on the results… so don’t cut any corners here.

Post-Production Cost factors…

  • The number of films and social media films to be produced.
  • Professional editor rates
  • Music – royalty free, library, or even composed.
  • Use of graphics
  • Use of stock footage or only B-roll from shoot

Whilst our pre-production discussions inform us how to best edit films to meet objectives, there are two rounds of changes included in our video production service. Clients provide sign-off/approval of the final videos produced.

Video Production Package Price Guide

Our most popular corporate video production package, with two professional camera operators obtaining a wide variety of shots, including drone video production where appropriate, is between £2k and £5k.

  • 1-3min high quality and engaging main video
  • A selection of social media videos for your LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram accounts
  • The breadth of shots obtained from the shoot day(s) allows the option for more social media video content production

This package can be used as starting point for a variety of high quality videos : –

  • Customer case study/journey videos
  • Promotional website videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Promotional exhibition videos
  • Investor videos
  • Live Events

As highlighted, this price is a guide and only by discussing your project requirement with us can we determine the number of shoot and editing days, the cost of each element required to meet your objectives, and if the total cost will be lower or higher.

Click here for examples of the promotional videos we can produce and contact us for a free consultation to discuss your video objectives with a video production company you can trust. We’d love to talk to you.

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